JT Holmes

Wingsuit Pilot, Skier, Adventure Extraordinaire

The Life of JT

World-renowned skier and BASE jumper, JT Holmes, is a beacon for the adventurous spirit that UAG embodies. JT shares the brand’s message of ruggedness and extreme adventures with like minded enthusiasts and inspires others to test their limits, regardless of location or activity. His thrill-seeking adventures raise eyebrows and leave audiences captivated and questioning “How does he do it?” His passion for adventure has caught the eyes of prominent media outlets including 60-Minutes, Oprah, and ESPN.

Whether it be speed-riding down the Eiger, truck racing through rugged desert terrain or wingsuit flying through the Chicago skyline in Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon, JT Holmes approaches every adventure with an acute attention to detail and precision. He firmly believes in staying safe and urges every thrill-seeking adventurer to take calculated risks and to prepare for the unexpected.

The Spirit of Flight

Reaching heights over 7,000 ft and speeds up to 118mph, JT Holmes and Red Bull Athletes Espen Fadnes & Mike Swanson spend the day testing their limits and partying with the birds. Join in on the adventure as JT & Espen get strapped to the top of a hot air balloon, perform close proximity flybys and leap from the top of the hot air balloon testing their flying abilities.

500 Miles Off-Road

Watch JT Holmes compete in the 2015 Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno Offroad Truck Race, the longest off-road race in the United States. UAG followed JT Holmes and his race crew through the Nevada desert to chronicle his journey in this torturous event.

Desert Proving Grounds

Hear from JT as he spends a day in the desert dialing in the truck and prepraring for the Vegas to Reno race. Experience what it’s like to command a 550 HP Class 7200 custom built desert ract truck. “4th gear is scary, and 5th gear is extremely scary.”